Chart Your Course!

Lifelong Learning Starts HERE!

Lifelong Learning requires a combination of active curiosity, diligent research, and disciplined practice.

You are “in the driver’s seat” of your own learning even as you seek out more knowledgeable Mentors, Teachers, Coaches, Peers. It is a rhythm of individually and socially mediated enterprises.

Enterprises are inquiry-driven activities launched by the authentic desire to discover solutions to challenging problems (P) and answers to compelling questions (Q).

Each course, therefore, is designed as an online expedition comprised of ∆PQ enterprises, where the Greek symbol Delta (∆) represents the change from personally-relevant understanding toward more expert scientific understanding.

Overview of Expedition Enterprises!

EcoVoices is all about Ecosystem Change, Biology, Hydrogeology!

SpaceFaring is all about Space, Astronomy, Astrophysics!

ViroSphere is all about Health, Disease, Microbes: Viruses, Bacteria!

ArctiQuest is all about Ice, Global Warming, Life in the Solar System!

MimeWrighting is all about Reading, Writing, and Performing!