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Dr. Richard Shope has over 45 years of experience as a writer, mime artist, educator and entrepreneur.

He has applied this experience to become a leader in science research, education, and workforce issues, known for his abilities to communicate complex concepts in exciting and expressive ways to wide-ranging audiences.

As President of the World Space Foundation, he develops collaborative projects and directs teacher mentorships, inquiry science expeditions, and action science theatre productions.

Dr. Shope coordinated science education and public outreach programs for various flight projects at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL); developed curriculum for flight projects; created science highlights for NASA Headquarters; and served as Principal Investigator for NASA-funded education and public outreach projects.

He earned his Doctorate in Science Education at the University of Southern California (USC).


Modeling Authentic Scientific Inquiry using the

EΔU Science Performance Model

A Science Learning Cycle for Conceptual Chance (Δ)

We are highly qualified staff and certified coaches, all versed in scientific methods and research techniques to develop knowledge of the practices of science among youth of all ages. We are preparing the next generation to understand hot to investigate natural phenomena and to protect our world space.