Rotary EcoAction Day, 2021.08.21

Posted on August 24, 2021 by Dr. Shope, the Wandering Scholar. Categories: EcoVoices.

The Rotary Club of Whittier and the Whittier Sunrise Rotary Club collaborated with Amigos De Los Rios and the East Whittier City School District to plant a Butterfly Garden at Ocean View Elementary School on Saturday August 21, 2021. The movers and shakers of this event were Ocean View Principal Kim Songer, Rotary of Whittier […]

After the Fact

As we were preparing to leave on March 7, the whole world began to change. We seemed to be “ahead of the curve”. Had our mission been scheduled even a week later, we might not have been allowed to change the lives who so needed those surgeries. In that week after our return, India closed […]


In the midst of my daily activities, working to engage patients and their families with activities to take their minds off the very serious business of going into surgery, I did not really stop very often to snap pictures. My focus was to BE with those who were there, as they wove the pot-holders, as […]

Full Circle: Closing Ceremony Poem

The circle is now complete. Lives have been changed. 82 people, 148 procedures. The slow awakening toward healing Yields small but noticeable gains: A smile here, a lift of the head there, An unbending of once curled fingers, A freedom of movement for an arm, or two. Each person now walks back into Their village, […]


My role as Recreation Therapist keeps me busy “making my rounds” as a the patients are waiting for surgery in the preoperation ward, an area on the 5th floor with about 21 basic beds. I have a small table that I keep stocked with puzzles, games, crayons and coloring pages, and little toys. I go […]


Vavita’s injuries are profound. A severe burn incident that occurred some 15 years ago has impaired freedom of movement of her head, arms, and hands. My role as Recreation Therapist is to discern how best to provide some diversion that is entertaining, enjoyable, calming, during the wait before surgery. Sometimes it is just ” being […]


Nikhil is a young man with a fetching smile, energetic, very bright. Among the first to arrive, I not only met him, but also his brother, mother, aunt, and grandmother– a feisty family to entertain with puzzles drawing, card games, and a beach ball globe of the world. Nikhil spoke a bit of English, and […]

Why am I Here?: A Personal Prologue

I cannot look at the sad TV ads I cannot look at the sad TV ads That show the shivering dogs in mournful Kennels, or the grandmothers unable To come in from the cold. I cannot look At the appeals for money that grab At my tears and tear at my heart. I turn The […]


Welcome, check-in, organize, have lunch, then get back on the bus to set things up at Unity Hospital. THIS FIRST DAY 2020.02.26 I was assigned to be the Quartermaster’s Apprentice, as troublemaker …errr… troubleshooter, to assist our Mission Quartermaster, Mark Mariscal (who is the current President of the Altadena Rotary Club. Mark and I are […]