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Who We Are: Science Champions

Enterprising Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Artists, Students,  and Wandering Scholars– dedicated to transforming science education by creating Enterprises, Expeditions & Productions where students can be and become scientists…

What We Do: Communicate Science

We communicate what science is, how scientists and engineers work, and how to apply the power of scientific inquiry. We CHAMPION science creativity and talent among THOUSANDS of youth by mentoring students to experience lifelong science learning: research, reading, writing, speaking, and acting!

Our Mission: To Be & Become Scientists

Founders of the World Space Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, founded in 1979 to advance Scientific, Educational, & Literary purposes, through Enterprises: research, innovation, and job creation projects;  Expeditions:  educative enterprises designed to mentor students to be and become scientists; and Productions: projects that communicate  knowledge of the world space around us through written work, films, videos, mime and theatrical performances.

How We Do It: Launch Expeditions

World Space is organized into Institutes to carry out our Inquiry Science Expeditions:
SpaceFaring Institute, reflecting the original founders’ passion for Space Exploration;
ArctiQuest Institute, exploring ice is the Solar System Follow the Water!
EcoVoices Institute, understanding and adapting to the consequences of ecosystem change;
ViroSphere Institute, exploring the origins and complexities of  health and well-being;
MimeWrighting Institute, deepening fundamental understandings of consciousness, thought, language, gesture, movement, poetry, theatre– and especially how to read and write scientific literature.

History: Reaching Thousands of Youth

Throughout the 1980s, World Space Foundation sponsored pioneering research in Solar Sail technology, which harnesses the radiative power of the Sun to create thrust for space cargo vehicles. That project was spun off to the Planetary Society. World Space also sponsored asteroid discovery and planetary research projects. In 2002, World Space enhanced its mission to include science education and community outreach to go wherever the need is greatest. TODAY, we continue our dedicated mission to champion science creativity and talent development.