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Next Generation Scientists are sitting in our classrooms today!
Our mission is to ensure that each student learns How to Be & Become a Scientist. We coach students to practice hands-on science as they investigate natural phenomena. We encourage students to Explore, Discover, and Understand the Power of Scientific Inquiry, across the curriculum.
Our unique contribution to science education is the way we scaffold conceptual understanding through literature and the performing arts.
Students acquire science fluency as they keep science journals and produce interdisciplinary projects: inquiry-based, project-driven, infused with theatrical energy! Our approach has proven effective for thousands of students in the 21st Century! We offer assembly programs, performance workshops, teacher institutes, and World Space Science Expeditions.
Let’s explore how we can work together to achieve the Nation’s Next Generation Science and Common Core goals.”   Dr. Richard Shope


We Are Science Champions!

Enterprising Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Artists, Students,  and Wandering Scholars– dedicated to transforming science education by creating Enterprises, Expeditions & Productions where students can be and become scientists…


We Communicate Science

We communicate what science is, how scientists and engineers work, and how to apply the power of scientific inquiry. We CHAMPION science creativity and talent among THOUSANDS of youth by mentoring students to experience lifelong science learning: research, reading, writing, speaking, and acting! 

Students are guided by our highly qualified staff of certified coaches, all versed in scientific methods and research techniques to develop knowledge of the practices of science among youth of all ages! 

We prepare the next generation to understand how to investigate the natural phenomena and to protect our world. 

How We Do It 



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