Who We Are

We are enterprising and collaborative Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Artists, and Community Leaders dedicated to transforming science education by creating project driven inquiry expeditions where students can be and become scientists.

What We Do

We launch scientific and educational inquiry expeditions. We communicate what science is, how scientists and engineers work, and how to apply project driven scientific inquiry.

Our Mission

Founders of the World Space Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. Founded in 1979, by a trio of visionary aerospace engineers to advance innovative scientific and technical research and development for space exploration.
Joined in 2002 by a creative science writer/educator, the World Space mission expanded to develop science creativity and talent among THOUSANDS of youth by having them directly experience scientific research, reading, writing, speaking, and pursuing career pathways.


Throughout the 1980s, World Space Foundation sponsored pioneering research in Solar Sail technology, which harnesses the radiative power of the Sun to create thrust for space cargo vehicles. That project was spun off to the Planetary Society. World Space also sponsored asteroid discovery and planetary research projects. In 2002, World Space enhanced its mission to include science education and community outreach to go wherever the need is greatest.


World Space is organized into three Institutes: the AstroVoices Institute, reflecting the original founders’ passion for SPACEFARING; the EcoVoices Institute, focusing on discovering ecoresilience strategies in the face of Global Ecosystem Change, especially regarding WATER QUALITY; the ViroSphere Institute,  investigating microbial worlds in light of human WELL-BEING;  and the Mimewrighting Institute, dedicated to producing theatrical science performances using MIME and POETIC DIALOGUE.