Computational Neuroscience Class

In this project-based class you’ll learn about neuroscience and coding and how you can use both fields to make a valuable impact in the world!

Course Instructor

Casandra Avila Casandra Avila Author

My name is Casandra Avila and I am a pre- medical student at Whittier College. I have been a part of a FIRST Robotics team since 2015 where I have held the roles of Team Captain, Electrical Captain, Outreach Captain, and Grant Writer. I am also the lead volunteer STEM Advisor at the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier where I have taught 25+ STEM classes ranging from programming to Bio-Medical Engineering. I have a true passion for working with young students to create a wide range of interests in STEM! Helping each child adopt an open-minded mindset towards education so that they realize that there’s no limit to what they can accomplish. I aim to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive and fun environment. Currently, I am preparing to go into pre-medical studies as I aspire to become a pediatric neurologist. I hope to support young children and their families through the struggle that are neurological disabilities. Although I dream to go into the medical field I have a variety of interests that have branched from my innate curiosity as a learner. I enjoy reading, writing, tennis, robotics, and volunteering my time to help others. And just in case anyone is interested my favorite shows are The Office and FRIENDS so it suffices to say that I’ll have enough to talk about if they ever get brought up in a conversation.

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