ArctiQuest 101

Exploring Ice in the Solar System!

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This course was originally authored as a product of NASA’s MESSENGER Mission to Mercury, managed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and coincided with the International Polar Year, 2007-2009. To search for ice throughout the Solar System is to search for water as a source for the possibility of life. Astrobiology is the field of of investigating the possibility of life beyond Earth. But it is also to achieve greater appreciation for the resource of Ice and Water on Earth, especially as we are now witnessing the effects of global warming with the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic icecaps and the shrinking of mountainous glaciers. NASA originally distributed this curriculum as CDs for 50,000 teachers nationwide. NASA’s Science Mission Directorate also funded the first two years of the ArctiQuest Expeditions program, which then transferred to the World Space Foundation and has reached over 30,000 youth in the Greater Las Angeles area.

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Inquiry Icebreaker: An Ice Experience

Ice is Water, Water is Ice: Melting & Freezing

Ice Has Structure: H2O

Ice is a Mineral

Ice Floats

Ice Flows

Snow is a Form of Ice

Layers of Ice

Life in Icy Places

Ice in Space

Comets: The Ice Witnesses

Investigating Ice Worlds

Ice in the Shadows