Rotary EcoAction Day, 2021.08.21

The Rotary Club of Whittier and the Whittier Sunrise Rotary Club collaborated with Amigos De Los Rios and the East Whittier City School District to plant a Butterfly Garden at Ocean View Elementary School on Saturday August 21, 2021. The movers and shakers of this event were Ocean View Principal Kim Songer, Rotary of Whittier Past President Monica Peters, and Whittier Sunrise Rotary President Rick Shope– plus the ecological support regarding Native California plant species, Marian Coensgen, from Amigo De Los Rios. Participants included volunteers from the two Rotary Clubs, a whole host of local Cub Scout troupes, as well as Whittier College students representing the Center for Community Engagement (CEC). A good time was had by all!

EcoVoices: Summer 2016

This article just came out regarding our work this past summer sponsored by the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority in an insert to the LA Times a week ago Monday!!! (November 14, 2016)

A few more details:

The was a co-partnership of the San Gabriel River Discovery Center Authority, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation, and the EcoResilience Institute of the World Space Foundation, funded by the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority.

The original play described, Clean Water On Tap!, was performed by members of our Sci Mi Theatre Ensemble (communicating science through mime and improvisational theatre), premiered at the JPL Climate Day (July 20, 2016), featuring: Mike Sabo as Dr. Hydrogeo, a Hydrogeologist; Richard Shope as Dr. von Vroom, a Rocket Scientist; Jessica Camacho as the Research Assistant; with Geoff Hartmann providing original music.

Ellie Hara, working currently on a Mars mission as a JPL Intern, and with her chemistry background, assisted Dr. Shope in creating the Water Quality curriculum for the hands-on activities (and came up with a great ideas we used for the airstripper and ion exchange sequences).

The Parks After Dark program included Traveling Expeditions at the following County Parks: San Angelo, Bassett, East Rancho Dominguez, Adventure, Mayberry, City Terrace, Martin, Athens. Total cooperation at all Park sites! In addition to Dr. Shope, World Space staff included two students who emerged from our EcoVoices-Urban Science Corps program for high school students: Jessica Camacho (Psychology student at UCLA) and Alvaro Olivares (Automotive Mechanics, now working for Bob Smith Toyota).

We conducted several hands-on workshops for summer day camps at Adventure and Mayberry Parks. At Mayberry, Park staff leadership was provided by Aurora Gamboa, assisted by her daughter Yesenia. In addition to Dr. Shope, World Space staff also included Olivia Miramontes (studying Child Development at Rio Hondo)

We also conducted a ten-day morning Science Academy for students from the Mountain View School District (drawn from GATE students who had attended our AstroVoices program) and student from Don Julian Elementary School in the Basset School District at Avenue Park in La Puente. Park leadership was provided by Traci Anthony and Richard Aguirre. World Space staff included: Ngoc Luu (M.S. in Hydrogeology), Mike Sabo (B.S. Environmental Policy), Anahi Tostado (B.S. Geology), Francisco Mata (B.S. Geology), and Olivia Miramontes (Child Development student), Richard Shope (Ed.D. Science Education).

It was a great experience, reaching so many children! Thanks to our wonderful World Space staff, our co-partners, and our sponsors!

And Special thanks to the author Liz Smilor, who did a fantastic writing job!