Nikhil is a young man with a fetching smile, energetic, very bright. Among the first to arrive, I not only met him, but also his brother, mother, aunt, and grandmother– a feisty family to entertain with puzzles drawing, card games, and a beach ball globe of the world.

Nikhil spoke a bit of English, and gleefully set out to teach me Hindi. He wrote out my name and the alphabet in its Sanskrit-like lettering.


He says his ambition is to become a doctor, but that his hand injury may be an obstacle. He certainly strikes me as clever, charming, and bright enough to overcome any obstacle in his path.

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Dr. Shope, the Wandering Scholar

Mime Artist, Author, Educator. Dr. Shope worked as a Science Educator at JPL for 15 years, earned an Ed.D. at USC, and is currently president & CEO of the World Space Foundation.