Welcome, check-in, organize, have lunch, then get back on the bus to set things up at Unity Hospital.

For me, organize meant collecting all the activities, packing them up in my luggage case, ready to transport to the hospital the following day, for when we start receiving patients in the pre-op ward.

THIS FIRST DAY 2020.02.26

I was assigned to be the Quartermaster’s Apprentice, as troublemaker …errr… troubleshooter, to assist our Mission Quartermaster, Mark Mariscal (who is the current President of the Altadena Rotary Club. Mark and I are colleagues from way back in the 1980s when I was carrying out my MimeWrighting program in hundreds of Los Angeles area schools and doing Mime Theater and Stiltdancing shows for festivals in scores of Los Angeles City Parks. Years later, over a breakfast meeting, Mark and I created the Urban Science Corps, which I directed for ten years as a project of the World Space Foundation. Mark was able to provide us 5 job slots and the use of a 12 foot box van to take our science expeditions to parks everywhere. This program ran for 10 years from 2006-2016, reaching over 15,000 kids. So, working together, shuffling boxes, setting up events, was like old times– this event, however, included setting up a supply room, a break room, a screening area for over 150 applicants, pre-op and post-op wards, a medical records area, …oh, yes… And THREE OPERATING THEATERS for the surgical procedures!
So it’s fitting: I’m still in the theater business!

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