The Golden Notebook

On the night before leaving for India, as I was gathering a supply of ink cartridges for my fountain pen, I espied a notebook that had a cover with a texture of golden foil, which I now call my Golden Notebook. I am an inveterate journal keeper. Old school, you might say. I am happiest with fountain pen and notebook in hand to record the experiences of my journey through life. Out of these journals, I extract my poems, essays, stories, curriculum ideas, and memories. As I transcribe my handwritten words to this medium, that is most inelegantly called a blog, through the computer keyboard, more thoughts come to mind. Just know that from the outset, everything you read here started out in a handwritten journal. Not only from entries into the Golden Notebook, but also from among the several others that I carry that fit in various pockets as I am on the move.

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Dr. Shope, the Wandering Scholar

Mime Artist, Author, Educator. Dr. Shope worked as a Science Educator at JPL for 15 years, earned an Ed.D. at USC, and is currently president & CEO of the World Space Foundation.