EcoVoices Institute

Ecological Science & Environmental Stewardship

The EcoVoices Institute carries out ecological research, environmental education, youth workforce development, and community science enterprises.

  • EcoResilience: Adapting to the Sociocultural Consequences of Ecosystem Change
  • EcoVoices: Inquiry Science Expeditions at the San Gabriel River Discovery Center
  • WATERS: Watershed Awareness Technologies for Ecological Research & Stewardship
EcoVoices: Not Just a Field Trip, An Inquiry Expedition
EcoVoices, the Inquiry Expedition, focuses on environmental education in the context of the San Gabriel River Watershed Ecosystem, at the site of the future San Gabriel River Discovery Center, sponsored by the San Gabriel River Discovery Center Authority, a Joint Powers Agency comprised of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County; the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, the Central Basin Municipal Water District, and the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.
Students work as colleagues at On-Site and Traveling Expeditions –a series of hands-on ecological science laboratories– in outdoor classroom areas for 60-100 K- 12 students.
Our Wandering Scholars and science-savvy Inquiry Coaches lead students on nature walks, perform science shows, guide students through hands-on science learning activities, conduct field and lab research, then coach students to produce new knowledge and communicate their own science discoveries.
Watershed Awareness Training for Ecological Research & Stewardship (WATERS):
The EcoVoices Institute implements WATERS through the Urban Science Corps, our workforce development program for high school and college-age youth leading to ecological and environmental career pathways. Through the Urban Science Corps, students experience being and becoming field scientists as they investigate Nature and learn about ecosystem change. Students learn principles of urban forestry, environmental stewardship, composting, gardening, tree conservancy, and water quality.
Students apply what they are learning in school to the real world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)– as they use their science journals, work with science instruments, and form a community of science colleagues. Students learn to think like scientists and do what scientists do, as they investigate the consequences of ecosystem change– with special emphasis on community science to inform environmental stewardship of the watershed ecosystem.
Traveling Expeditions: 
The EcoVoices Institute brings Academies and Expeditions to school and recreation center sites, and can be structured as school day events, after school programs, or family science nights.