SpaceFaring Institute

Space Science & Technologies

  • Solar Sails: Technical Research & Development
  • Asteroids: Scientific Research
  • Stony Ridge Observatory: 30” Telescope
World Space was founded by a creative and innovative group of space engineers who felt that the future of space exploration could best be advanced by the nongovernmental sector. Quite often, governmental decision-making is risk-averse and depends more on election cycles than the realistic life cycle of a project.
In 1979, Founders of the World Space Foundation set out to develop and
demonstrate the viability of Solar Sailing. In today’s world, this is now a well-established space technology, successful as a spinoff to the Planetary Society. World Space also funded substantial Asteroid research, leading to new understanding of these protoplanetary objects.
Now, with the SpaceFaring Institute, World Space stands ready to nurture further advances in the transdisciplinary fields of Space Science & Technologies.