EcoVoices Institute

Community Service & Outreach with Theatrical Energy!

Overview: A 51-minute video prepared for the 2020 Conference of the National Ground Water Association.

A young girl with a concerned look on her face asked me, “Will there be enough clean water for us when we grow up?” I assured her that water quality professionals work on this 24/7!And then we acted out a play to show how they do it!

EcoVoices Expeditions, sponsored by the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority (WQA), was the 2019 winner of the NGWA Groundwater Project Award. This workshop explains and demonstrates how we apply techniques of mime and improvisational theater to act out “Water Stories” to engage thousands of students annually about the importance of groundwater, and how water professionals work together to maintain the health and resilience of the local watershed ecosystem.

This year-round program is creating the next generation of youth EcoRangers– future environmental stewards and water-quality scientists– while spreading the word about our groundwater supply to all those around them in the community.


Ecoresilience and The Watershed

Water supports life on Earth. We examine the dynamics of Watershed Ecosystem, Geology, Groundwater, how we treat water to make it safe for drinking right out of the tap, and what we need to do to conserve our water resources in the midst of long term drought.

Urban Forestry

Trees, plants, and plankton infuse our atmosphere with the oxygen that supports human life. We explore this green world space from the perspective of the urban forest ecosystem and what we can do to respond to ecosystem change. We guide ecosystem surveys and urban gardening projects

Biodiversity and Biomimicry

Life adapts in a myriad of forms! We look at these forms as designs with functions. We create models of life forms with different materials, including 3D printing. We create displays to explain life’s forms inspire ideas for human ingenuity.

EcoVoices at Whittier Narrows Nature Center, 2012-2015.

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