World Space Foundation

A Message From The President

Our Mission is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to experience:

How to Be & Become a Scientist.

Students are guided by a highly qualified staff of certified mentors & coaches, all versed in scientific methods & research techniques to develop knowledge of the practices of science among youth of all ages!

We are preparing the next generation to investigate natural phenomena & participate in the discourse of science!


Who Are We? We are Science Champions!

We are Enterprising Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Artists, Students,  and Wandering Scholars– dedicated to transforming science education where students can be and become scientists…

What Do We Do? We Communicate Science!

We communicate what science is, how scientists and engineers work, and how to apply the power of scientific inquiry. We CHAMPION science creativity and talent among THOUSANDS of youth by mentoring students to experience lifelong science learning: research, reading, writing, speaking, and acting! 

How Do We Do It? 

We Model Scientific Inquiry!

A Science Learning Cycle for Conceptual Change (Δ)

We prepare the next generation to understand how to investigate natural phenomena and to participate in decision-making about our world space. We guide students to share their knowledge of science with theatrical energy!

E∆3U Science Performance Model

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